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Preparing for the Open week

After leaving the stone house in the Triglav National Park, we met another local named Tommy, who offered us his small summer house and his garden for us to use.
Having the space helped to further create our structure by creating a piece of land art that represents our vision of combining walking, studying and community life.

When in Bovec, Lulu bumped on the kind women from the National Park that help us previously and she told her the process we had with the stone house. Throughout the talk they realized that the cabin was her's and that she invited us to stay in when we met here but at that time is was too far ! 

After the two intense days that were taken for the big land art harvest, Lulu, Louise and Jannis decided to take 3 days for themselves. Not having the chance to come together before Classroom Alive started, they took this time to reconnect and just be, without the organisational pressure.

As the rest of the group was facing a torrential thunder storm, our core team were generously given a flat for the night, and the next day their were hosted in a tree house !

With the core team gone, the rest of the group stepped up to the challenge to create the Classroom Alive they wanted to live and found a flow in this new process.
The day after we all came back together, we had the great pleasure to welcome Tim who couldn't join us before !

    On the other hand, we had the regret to say goodbye to Clara that decided to leave. During the 3 weeks she spent with us, she got clear on her next steps and left us to start a course in Permaculture. Best wish to her !

As the summer solstice passed the weather turned to intense heat. Walking in the peak of the day became a real struggle and frequent dips in the Soča river were a blessing for our sweaty smelly body !  

We are now in Ljubljana. We spend the first three days at "ROG", an autonomous squats, that have an art gallery, a squat park, a circus space and many other really cool stuff ! There we prepared ourselves for our 12 days open week.

In the last two days, 20 people joined us in a beautiful Waldorf school where we were generously welcome to stay in. We already played many games, had a huge speed dating and hosted a world café to introduce the different task and responsibilities.




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