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Open week

A 12 days immersion in Classroom Alive

On the first of July, exactly a month since we left Villach, two groups of 16 people blessed each other and set off on their adventure.
It would be impossible to tell all the stories that happened, but I would love to give you a glimps.

In both groups, the excitement was high, as well as the temperature ! It is time to adopt the "siesta" mode : waking up at 6h30 in order to walk during the fresh hours of the day, then having a long break for lunch and study until it cools down again.

On the first day, both groups had a long check-in for everyone to share a bit of their story and their intention to join. People have only 3-4 minutes each and yet, it s incredible how much you can see through this little window they open.

Slovenian angels were also a big part of both journeys. Once, asking for water at a house, the owner brought 4 bottles of his handmade apple juice, then later in the week we received chocolate, and bread, veggies, ... And a shelter for the only rainy day !
Having no home and no comfort makes us way more dependant and vulnerable. But it enables us to get closer to the locals and hear their stories. Overwhelmed by all this beauty and generosity, it became so natural for us to take a moment before each meal to bless it and express our gratitude.

On the 7th day, some of us met randomly in the town of Litija. We spontaneously decided to have a workshop day all together on the next day.
So! When you have 32 young people from all over Europe, full of energy and on a journey to educate themself: what do you do ? You host an open space !

In the morning, a group went into woods to learn more about edible plants and mushrooms.

For the afternoon, we were granted to use the youth center of Litija in which 3 workshop slots were quickly filled with : philosophy, "the most beautiful world your heart knows is possible" exercice, theatre impro, philosophy of freedom, Yoga and meditation, juggling, women's circle and chopping veggies and storytelling.

( At a old barn renovated in a camping where we've been generously hosted for free)

Time to seperate again, 16 people feels really small and cozy after experiencing a group of 32!
Each group, in their own way, took the time to appreciate each other before all gather for the last time.

This time we are given a big field, veggies, and we can use the swimming pool ! There, for our last night, a beautiful closing ceremony was held were everyone was invited to share what was beautiful about this open week and then put in a hole everything that doesn't serve the person they are becoming. All hands gathered around the hole and put back the earth on it.

Many of us stayed there, under a sky full of stars, singing and telling the last stories that wanted to be told.

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