In the past week we decided to give more attention to community life and took a full day to share our intentions and why we came along on this journey. In the last town of Italy, Cave Del Predil, we met Gian Luca. A young and friendly man that overwhelmed us with his hospitality by inviting us all to stay at his place. There we dried our tents, repaired our matrasses, tried Italian pizzas and listened to the story of this young man and his broken heart.

Then the time came to say goodbye to Italy and enter the Triglav National Park of Slovenia. There it’s tricky because it's highly forbidden to camp, and make fire and there are rangers all around. But providence is with us because the first people we met offered us their help, showers, their kitchen to use and even home-grown salad! Since the beginning, singing has been really present and healing for our group. So it was so powerful for us to thank them with a song.

We were blessed with the weather for the first week, but now rain is here. Two days ago, as we were praying for the shelter of a farmer's barn a small stone house appeared around the corner. (True story!) People got really excited, we first found a locked door to then find a way in by a window. As some backpacks were thrown in, someone raised a strong concern about the morality of staying there. Here comes the beauty of a group of individuals with different backgrounds. We had a beautiful conversation about our values, being a guest, respect and private property. '' Imagine that the owner would come, what would you tell him? Would you feel that the story you'll tell is genuine and justified?'' Even though most of us were keen to sleep at the house, finally, because we felt have to get used to this outdoor lifestyle, by the end of the conversation only few of us did...

We haven't been able to study as much as we expected. Our intention for the next days is to create a structure that support the balance between study, walking and community life.

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